The United Democratic Commonwealth

The United Democratic Commonwealth is a direct democracy founded by a visionary leadership, on the principles that human rights must be superior to the rights of states and corporations, in fact and law, as well as in rhetoric.

The UDC is founded on the observation that the legal fiction which founds all states - that the state derives its power and legitimacy only from the people - is an idea that seldom, or never, is actually treated as true.

In the United Democratic Commonwealth, the state is subordinate to the people in fact, and people at all times have direct control over state organs.

The people of the United Democratic Commonwealth assert that states must serve only people.

You can help make this principle a fact in the country where you live, and you can help support important human rights causes at home and around the world by supporting the UDC's Global Citizenship Project, or by taking out citizenship in the United Democratic Commonwealth. For moreĀ  information, read the various fact pages on this website, or inquire to the UDC Secretary of Citizenship.