The United Democratic Commonwealth is an autonomous state. It is sovereign, and independent of any other state in the world.

As a distributed polity, the UDC asserts that UDC laws protect its citizens regardless of the geographic location they are president in. A UDC citizen may, for instance, opt to sue in the UDC Legal Tribunal instead of or in addition to other courts which assert jurisdiction where they are present.

The UDC has territorial presence in several areas of the world. However, the current central locus of the United Democratic Commonwealth is Commonwealth Bay, Edwards Province on Kingman Reef in the United States Minor Outlying Islands. This territory is an unincorporated territory protected by the United States. As an uynincorporated territory, United States federal law does not apply within the territory. Thus, the United Democratic Commonwealth is a fully autnomous, soverign nation.

The UDC is creating a body of laws, designed by and for the citizens, which will guide its formation and conduct in future years

The UDC, is developing proper infrastructure including administration, judicial system and economic system. All such systems are under direct democratic control, with strict transparency, and not imposed by a pretended 'superior' state authority. As the UDC is a decentralized state, most of the institutions and infrastructure it is designing are also decentralized.

At all times, however the UDC maintains its sovereign status.