Citizenship In The UDC

People seek citizenship in the United Democratic Commonwealth for a variety of personal reasons.

For some, joining with other people who assert that legitimate power rests only within real people is important enough by itself. For others, it is for the chance to help effect the next evolution in democracy. Still others find UDC citizenship an important expression of their own autonomy as a human being, in an increasingly inhuman world.

Is Citizenship for You?

Becoming a citizen of the United Democratic Commonwealth, in and of itself, helps change the world.

The United Democratic Commonwealth is a direct democracy, open to all people, and a distributed body politic, meaning that anyone anywhere can become a citizen with full rights. Citizenship in the United Democratic Commonwealth is open to all people. But it is not suited to all people. Citizenship in the United Democratic Commonwealth carries, along with individual rights and power, a strong ethic of personal responsibility. UDC citizenship is for people who are ready to take on the challenge of changing the world and building a positive future for themselves and other humans.

UDC citizens understand that they have the power. Within the UDC, they have direct democratic power. Within other states (because the UDC is a distributed polity), they realize they are empowered to work within that system for progressive legal, economic and social change.

UDC citizens accept as fact the ideas that people matter and that the power of human beings is more important than the power of a corporation or a state. Equally, they reject as false the idea that you cannot always take personal action to make positive change in the world.

Citizens of the UDC do not seek to persuade others of these truths; we simply live them (because they are true).

As a UDC citizen, you not need permission to do what you know is right, or to create positive change in your society.

To be a UDC citizen means to accept your natural power to take personal action wherever you are. It means you assert your own right to halt discrimination, corruption, violence and repression. It means you have a growing number of people and a growing sovereign state to support your efforts. To give you counsel, to work with you where possible, to stand behind you and say you are not alone.

UDC citizens are advocates for human rights and justice. They are active people who do not wait for things to change, because they understand that they and people like them are the change in society. As people with power, they do not ‘occupy,’ protest, confront with the implied threat of violence, or otherwise try to prevent others from legal (though objectionable) activities. Instead, they work directly to change the laws themselves. They use their skills to create alternative systems which are more just and which will supplant unjust systems. Within the UDC itself, they work to create the infrasctructure and traditions of a true and direct democratic state. Wherever else they are, they educate, litigate, lobby, run for office, create, advocate. They feed the hungry, teach, raise money, start ethical businesses and promote ethical and fair trade.

The UDC is a new kind of state; one in which only human beings have power. By standing with the UDC, you let other people know you share their values. And you know others share yours.

The global political and economic systems are ever-shrinking in variety. Culture, governments and economies are on an inexorable convergence into single systems.  Mega-corporations impose de facto monopolies. Some try to destroy whole genomes to force use of their own engineered alternative. Major states are planning ways to consolidate and merge their collective power into super-states, ruled by super-governments. Languages are being lost, cultures and traditions are being destroyed. The only commonality is that human beings are ever more subject to the whims and powers of an ever-smaller ruling elite.

Without diversity, there is little ability to adapt. The lack of diversity leads to death in human cultures, as surely as it does in natural eco-systems.  The convergence within our human activities is dangerous and ultimately dooms humanity's future.  A vibrant future is best assured by a vibrant and democratic society where variation is encouraged and decision-making is taken away from the tiny few and given to the many.

It is time to move on from the old forms of political and social organization. It is time for the United Democratic Commonwealth.