A person may make application to the United Democratic Commonwealth based on their high accomplishment or demonstrated superior ability in one or more areas of professional, academic or artistic endeavor, or on a history of effective community service, such as human rights work, advocacy or other important service.

The procedure is:

  1. Contact the UDC Secretary Of Citizenship, and confirm that you qualify for this category of application.
  2. Complete the application forms and remit the required fee by the date stipulated by the Secretary For Citizenship (usually within 30 days of the date the forms are sent to you). (Fees are payable for application processing, and are not refundable regardless of the success or failure of the application).
  3. The application must be accompanied by evidence of the applicant's superior accomplishments*.
  4. The a pplicant must pass the UDC consitutional exam,
  5. Upon receipt, the Secretary Of Citizenship may request further information, supporting evidence or written references, or may adjudicate the application as it is.
  6. The application will be investigated and the Secretary For Citzenship will advise the applicant of the approval or denial, and the reasons therefor.
  7. If an application is denied, another application can be made under another category, or the same category if there is additional supporting evidence not submitted in a previous application.

*superior accomplishment includes one or more of:

  • A post-secondary degrees of at least bachelor status with superior academic accomplishment. This should be accomplished by a record of superior accomplishment; A degree will be considered in support other accomplishments but unless a degree is accompanied by superior recognition and accomplishments (including publications or research in academia), by itself it will not support a successful application.
  • Recognized superior artistic or professional accomomplishment in any area, evidenced by awards, references, critical acclaim, industry recognition, above-average sales, or high levels of responsibility compared to others of the same assumed professional level.
  • A demonstrated track record of community service in any area, evidenced by public recognition, references, awards or other assessable evidence of accomplishment.
  • A proven record of human rights work or advocacy, evidenced by public recognition, references, awards or other assessable evidence of accomplishment.