Application Process

The process to become a UDC citizen can take several months. It generally follows these steps:

An individual requests an Application For UDC Citizenship from the Secretary of Citizenship by using the contact form on this website. (Forms are available only in a UDC Official Language, currently only English)

The Applicant fills out the forms. The forms will require the following kinds of information:

  1. the basis of the application (accomplishment, investment, birthright, GCP)
  2. full legal name, birth date, place of birth, ethnicity, marital status, and *other demographic questions
  3. all other legal names and aliases you have used
  4. curretn address, and other contact information, and for the previous 7 years
  5. current citizenship and legal residence details
  6. educational background
  7. profession(s) and employment history for previous 7 years
  8. certified copies of supporting documents for the above
  9. hitory and details relating to the basis for the application (eg. for accomplishment, evidence of educational or professional standing)
  10. UDC Economic Number, if you have one
  11. list of disqualifications for citizenship
  12. consent to disclosure of personal information
  13. consent to background check
  14. Declaration of intention to adhere to UDC Constitution and laws, denouncing the legitmacy and morality of certain acts (in particular acts of violence)

The Applicant will submit completed form along with required **fees within 30 days of them being sent to Applicant.

The Secretary for Citizenship may request further of different supporting documents.
The Applicant will be scheduled for an oral interview and a written examination.

The Oral interview will entail questions about why the Applicant wants to obtain UDC citizenship, what the Applicant can do within the UDC, and will also be conducted in a UDC Official Language (currently only English).

The written exam will test that the Applicant understands the UDC Constitutiion (currently the Compact) and the process of particpation in the UDC.

Upon successfully completing the above three steps, the Applicant will be granted provisional citizenship. The provisional citizenship will be confirmed at the nest UDC Plenum or Special Session For Citizenship (whichever comes first) following the grant of provisional citizenship, so long as in the meantime the Applicant has not fallen within the disqualifcation categories of the application.


*other demographic questions - UDC citizenship is open to all and not conditional on religion, ethincity or any other demographic; however, demographic statistics are gathered during the application, for non-personal informational purposes. Information given on UDC forms is confidential and under UDC law may not be revealed to any party without your express consent. Personally identifying information is expunged from demographic statistics before use.

**fees at the time of writing are USD$459, but as an interim measure the UDC has waived USD$409 of that sum, so that the application fee is USD$50. Fees may be paid in US Dollars or the bitcoin equivalent.