GCP Citizenship

The United Democratic Commonwealth is currently considering applications for citizenship pursuant to its Global Citizenship Project.

This permits those who do not qualify under another category of application:

  • to be considered and granted full citizenship in the United Democratic Commonwealth, or
  • to be granted a temporary or qualified citizenship, such as to facilitate the applicant's protection or human rights where they may otherwise be stateless.

Citizenship applications under the Global Citizenship Project are considered on a case-by-case basis. To see if you qualify for this category, contact the Secretary of Citizenship.

Applicants under this category must, as all other applicants, be of good character, be identifiable to the UDC, pass all other examinations, and is required in writing to accept the Compact and its principles, and the laws of the UDC in a sworn statement, and to denounce the use of violent coercion or the threat of it against other states or individuals in all but clear self defense or the defense of others against imminent harm.

This avenue to citizenship is not considered a permanent feature of the UDC Citizenship Program, but is expected to be open for the foreseeable future.