Human Rights In The UDC

The traditional pyramid of rights and power in a state has people at the bottom and the state at the top. The United Democractic Commonwealth is unique in the world in that we invert hits: the people are at the top and the state is subordinate.

Humans Over States

In the United Democratic Commonwealth, it is recognized that all states are mere legal constructs with only a metaphysical existence. As such, they have no power of their own. All power and all rights of every kind or nature must therfore rest within humanity. Thus neither the UDC nor any other state or legal fiction can legally or morally exercise power over a human being which that human being has not specifically and actually granted to the state.

In every other modern state, whether enshrined in a state constitution or granted by other laws, or enumerated in a document like the United Nations Charter, human rights are assumed to be granted by a superior authority.  That authority may or may not be identified, but the actual locus of the power is the state, not natural people. Invariably, often in the very same legal documents, human rights are immediately circumscribed and over-ridden by superior state rights. In addition, it is de facto assumed that if a right is not enumerated in a constitution, the citizen does not actually have that right at all, or it is not a "protected" right. This is truly how power politics play out on a daily basis within the current state system.

In states which pretend that power emanates from "the people", this is an absurdity. The state has no physical existence. It is a fictional creation of law. If the concept is correct that the state receives its power from "the people," then the state cannot possibly have more power than the people, and certainly cannot have power over the people. Arguments about the state embodying the collective will of the people are interesting, but are in fact empty theoretical rationalizations. The state, so designed, is a structure of governance and control, not a tool to advance humanity or protect and advance the rights and aspirations of real people.

People enter the UDC with the full understanding that all rights and all power rest within them and their fellow citizens. They do it voluntarily and with the intent of using their power to create a positive world for themselves, their families and other people.