Legislative Digest

Securities Laws In Drafting

Stock exchange and securities laws.

The United Democratic Commonwealth First Administrative Council passed a resolution adopting, with necessary changes, the securities laws of the United States federal system. The laws are undergoing a redrafting and streamlining for the easy and inexpensive registering of securities within the UDC by UDC Corporations.

The UDC passed incorporation laws in 2017, and these are undergoing some amendment to permit the issuance of securities on public exchanges.

UDC Rules of Court Advanced

The Rules of Procedure for the UDC law courts and tribunals will be released in October, 2018, seven months ahead of schedule.

The UDC has established a law court system with originating jurisdiction in all matters, including civil claims and criminal matters. Additionally, the tribunals will have declaratory powers to consider the legality or constitutionality of matters which affect human rights in general. As the UDC is a global, distributed polity, its courts claim jurisdiction over any subject matter in any territory of the globe.

UDC State Lottery & Gaming Established

UDCGC 8-20 state lottery

The First Administrative Council Directive to Establish a United Democratic Commonwealth State Lottery & Gaming Council received Plenary Confirmation on August 18, 2018.

This directive immediately establishes the UDC Gaming Council with authority to create and administer lotteries for the finance of state operations, and authority to certify and license UDC citizens and others to establish and operate gaming and lottery organizations under UDC law.

Legal Tribunal & Dispute Resolution Portal To Open

The UDC Legal Tribunal, Supreme Legal Tribunal and UDC Private Dispute Resolution Portal will open on this website in May, 2018.

The portal will be a starting point for UDC citizens and others with legal claims or who wish to avail themselves of the private dispute resolution services authorized by the UDC.

UDC Legal Tribunal Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure for the UDC Legal Tribunal will be publicly available in May, 2019.

The UDC Supreme Legal Tribunal, overseen by the UDC Legislative Council, is the superior court and dispute resolution council of the United Democratic Commonwealth.

The UDCSLT, or SLT, is the final court of appeal from any lower court within the UDC.

Cryptocurrency Established


The United Democratic Commonwealth, the the First Administrative Council and approved by the Polity has established a law to create a UDC cryptocurrency. Particulars or the currency, its digital aspects and the protocols used are being studied. Bitcoin, Etherium Litecoin and other digital currency protocols are being considered as the basis for the UDC coin. However, as the UDC coin must mee the needs of a sovereign, expanding state, whichever protocols are chosen will be redesigned with long-term feasibility and stability in mind.

Citizenship Oath Finalized

The new United Democtratic Commonwealth Oath Of Citizenship has been finalized and passed by the First Administrative Council, and approved by the Polity. First publication of the UDC Oath of Citizenship will be in late June, 2017 though its first use is anticipated to be on the confirmation of new citizens from June 1, 2017 onward. The UDC Oath Of Citizenship replaces actual execution of the Compact by new citizens, thus streamlining the administrative process.