UDC Protests Netflix-Saudi Collusion in Open Letter

netflix and mohammed bin salmon

When the multinational media entity Neflix agreed with the Sauidis to block an episode of Patriot Act which criticized Mohammed bin Salmon for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, human rights activists world-wide got angry and challenged the media distributor.

Netflix, however, failed to make any sensible answer. In light of the apparent flagrant disregard for human rights, Netflix's refusal to discuss its decision, the UDC decided to challenge the aspiring media giant in an open letter. The UDC challenges Netflix to respond to criticism and to apologize for assisting the Saudis in suppressing information about the crimes of Mohammed bin Salmon. The open letter further discusses the growing discontent over corporate irresponsibility with data and media, and invites Netflix to become a leader in freedom of speech.

See the text of the open letter here.

Any reply and dialog Netflix makes to this letter will be posted on this wesbite.

Netflix, who has recently raised their debt financing to over $8 billion, does not expect to be in a positive cash-flow position for several years. The media company is spending in a global effort to become the defacto media gatekeeper around the world.