Udi Partners Chartered

The UDC First Administrative Council (FAC) approved the charter of a UDC Enterprise to be named Udi Partners.

The Udi Partners will adminster the creation and distribution of the Udi Coin and token, for the purpose of establishing it as the central currency of the UDC.

The Udi Partners will oversee the programming and design of the Udi, as well as the UDC network on which it is traded world-wide. The Udi Partners is empowered to enter into contracts and arrangements with private parties, state-level entities and other legal fictions globally, in pursuance of the goals of establishing the Udi as a global currency.

UDC financial and monetary policy will remain with the FAC. The Udi Partners is managed and directed by FAC approved personnel, and one or more FAC members will be permanent members of the board of directors of the Udi Partners.