Legal Tribunal & Dispute Resolution Portal To Open

The UDC Legal Tribunal, Supreme Legal Tribunal and UDC Private Dispute Resolution Portal will open on this website in May, 2018.

The portal will be a starting point for UDC citizens and others with legal claims or who wish to avail themselves of the private dispute resolution services authorized by the UDC.

The private dispute resolution process of the UDC is an alternative procedure which does not involve public processes. Parties can avail themeselves of this process at costs much lower than litigation or other legal process. The Private Dispute Resolution services of the UDC are being contracted directly by participants in ecommerce, mcommerce and blockchain-related industries, where privacy, convenience and speed are important.

Complainants and respondents in litigation processes can initiate and manage their claims through the portal, under the UDC Legal Tribunal Rules of Procedure.