UDC State Lottery & Gaming Established

UDCGC 8-20 state lottery

The First Administrative Council Directive to Establish a United Democratic Commonwealth State Lottery & Gaming Council received Plenary Confirmation on August 18, 2018.

This directive immediately establishes the UDC Gaming Council with authority to create and administer lotteries for the finance of state operations, and authority to certify and license UDC citizens and others to establish and operate gaming and lottery organizations under UDC law.

The UDC Gaming Council will establish legal and permitting requirements for gaming and lotteries in general. The UDCGC itself will operate state lotteries. Individuals or approved fictional entities like corporations or incorporated charities can petition the UDCGC to operate their own lotteries, and can be authorized by specific UDC Charter. THe UDCGC can approve or deny petitions for any reason, and can grant a charter subject to any terms it deems just or advisable, including a required tax on profits, procedural controls and reporting/transparency controls.

Inquiries on how to obtain a gaming charter should be directed to the UDC on the CONTACT page on the UDC website, selecting the PETITIONS subject