Global Copyright Registry Coming Online

The UDC Global Copyright & Intellectual Property Registry will be online as of late October, 2018.

The Global Copyright Registry will accept copyright filing applications for literaray, artistic, photographic, poetic, screenplay, theatrical and any other copyrightable work.

Initially, applications will be accepted for works which are expressed in writing or in print, and which can be uploaded for examination and archiving in PDF, DOCX or ODF formats.

Application fees will cover the costs of assessing an application, and associated database filing. When a work is accepted for filing, a digital certificate of registration will be issued in the name of copyright claimant. Application fees will be much lower than other government registries, in keeping with the UDC's democratic and global mandate. Hard copy, certified extracts of any property registered in the system may be obtained on request at minimal cost.

The registry will be searchable by the public at no charge.  Application fees will be accepted in US Dollars, or in a list of accepted cryptocurrencies, including the UdiWave and the UdiCoin (when that is available).

Registration of a copyrighted work is an important tool in protecting one's intellectual property. Registration within the UDC Global Copyright Registry and in a great many other jurisdictions around the world is prima facie evidence that the registrant is the owner of the copyright to the property. Since the registry is freely searchable by the public, registration is also notice to the world that a person claims copyright in a property. The lower application fees and the global mandate of the the UDC make it a preferable registry for those seeking to secure and prove their rights to their copyright and other intellectual property.