Global Copyright Registry Opens!

UDC Global Copyright Registry

The UDC Global Copyright Registry opened officially on November 13, 2018.

The registry currently accepts and certifies copyright registrations for single works (such as scripts, novels, poetry, audio recordings) or collections (such as an anthology of other single works, or a musical album), as well as motion pictures, web-series and podcasts.  Registration fees are lower than other state-run copyright registries and most private registries around the globe.

The registry will offer copyright certifications to selected professions at a special rate, in recognition of high-volume professions such as script-writers. The purpose is to make copyright registration accessible, inexpensive and practical for everyone.

The Global Copyright Registry web page is and the twitter page is @RegistryGlobal

Copyright registration is a vital step in protecting a person's interest in their intellectual property. Registration establishes an early time of creation for the copyright holder, and is valuable proof that they created the work, in the case they have to prevent others from using their work improperly, or stealing it outright.

Questons should be directed to the Global Copyright Registry.