Securities Laws In Drafting

Stock exchange and securities laws.

The United Democratic Commonwealth First Administrative Council passed a resolution adopting, with necessary changes, the securities laws of the United States federal system. The laws are undergoing a redrafting and streamlining for the easy and inexpensive registering of securities within the UDC by UDC Corporations.

The UDC passed incorporation laws in 2017, and these are undergoing some amendment to permit the issuance of securities on public exchanges.

The UDC intends to create a streamlined, inexpensive approval and registration regime which its citizens can use to raise capital for enterprises around the globe. The aim is to integrate the system with the new breed of decentralized securities exchanges, especially those which work with secure cryptocurrencies such as the one being developed by Equibit.

The new registration and approval regime system should be operational in January, 2019.

Inquiries should be addressed to the UDC in general.