UDC Rules of Court Advanced

The Rules of Procedure for the UDC law courts and tribunals will be released in October, 2018, seven months ahead of schedule.

The UDC has established a law court system with originating jurisdiction in all matters, including civil claims and criminal matters. Additionally, the tribunals will have declaratory powers to consider the legality or constitutionality of matters which affect human rights in general. As the UDC is a global, distributed polity, its courts claim jurisdiction over any subject matter in any territory of the globe.

Legal Tribunal & Dispute Resolution Portal To Open

The UDC Legal Tribunal, Supreme Legal Tribunal and UDC Private Dispute Resolution Portal will open on this website in May, 2018.

The portal will be a starting point for UDC citizens and others with legal claims or who wish to avail themselves of the private dispute resolution services authorized by the UDC.